Outsourcing and Insourcing

Do you need an experienced project manager to oversee a complex enterprise content management project? Are you struggling to digitise a large quantity of data in a limited amount of time? We specialise in supplying ECM consultants to international organisations and have a pool of dedicated professionals at your disposal.

Depending on your needs and existing expertise, we can supply an individual to complement your team, or a (multidisciplinary) group to carry out a particular project, either off-site (outsourcing) or on your premises (insourcing).

We have access to a range of skills and experience levels, from junior to very senior. Our ECM consultants include analysts, programmers, developers, project managers, technical writers, training specialists and user support agents.

We demand talent, enthusiasm and flexibility from all our ECM consultants, but also take great care to match their specific skills with your requirements.


Outsourcing tailored to your ECM needs

We offer a number of outsourcing contracts, depending on the nature of the work that needs to be done. These are fixed price (FP) and quoted time & means (QTM), where projects are generally carried out on our premises. Or you can opt for a time management (TM) contract, under which consultants work on your premises. Please ask us for further details.

Scanning and indexing

Do you need to scan and index a large quantity of data? We can supply both personnel and professional scanners.

If you have a recurring scanning requirement, such as annual tax returns, you may decide to buy your own scanner and entrust the work to our trained scanning team. If this is a one-off project on the other hand, for example digitising a collection of newspapers, you may prefer to use our professional scanners, which are managed and controlled by experienced operators.

We have a variety of scanners available, including high-speed scanners for standard A4 documents, and full-colour scanners for books and formats ranging up to A1 size.

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